12 travnja, 2021



Zvonko Juras 1948-2021

Croatian GM Leonardo Ljubicic reports that Mr. Zvonko Juras (CRO) has passed away.

Zvonko’s Correspondence Chess career, he joined ICCF/CCCA in Feb 2015, and has played almost 400 games since. He earned his IM title in 2018, and has played on numerous occasions for Croatian team in various competitions. He won several tournaments – he was 15th CC champion of Croatia, and was about to play in WCCC Semifinals cycle. He took the role of ND from Leonardo a few months ago.

In regular chess, he was well known figure in Croatian chess community, about club level strength, he played regularly for his local chess club, and was in particular very active in Croatian Chess Arbiters Association. He got his Fide Arbiter title in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009, and his International Arbiter title in Tromso, Norway in 2010. He refereed many top competitions in Croatia, like World Veterans and EU Youth championships, National Team & Cup championships, etc.

May he rest in peace.

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